• 8 Dec 2018: Contributed Mini-symposium submission deadline (CMS)
  • 31 Jan 2019: Notification of the acceptance of contributed mini-symposia.
  • 15 Mar 2019: Title and abstract submission deadlines for IMS, CMS and contributed talks.
  • 15 Apr 2019: Notification of accepted titles and abstracts.

Abstract Submission

Authors wishing to submit a contribution should prepare an abstract of one page using the template above and submit it through the SWGE platform. Submitted abstracts must be written in English and should contain a title, the authors’ names and their affiliations, and the main results of the contribution. Please underline the presenter’s name.
In the submission process, authors should select the preferred form of presentation: 25-minute total talk (20 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion) or a poster. Only one talk per speaker (except some special cases such as plenary speakers/ education talks) is allowed.

SWGE Platform

To access the ILAS2019 / SWGE Platform, please type in your browser or click the button below.

To confirm that you are in correct conference, check the right top logo and / or the conference name.

Click the [+] New Account Form to create a new account.

Fill in the NAME, E-MAIL, PASSWORD / CONFIRM PASSWORD, read the TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY, check the PROFILE CHECKBOXS according your preference, select your prefereed LANGUAGE and click the CREATE ACCOUNT BUTTON.

If all fields area correct, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in your mailbox, with an activation code.

Try to click the “link”. If works, you will be redirected to a success message. Click the HOME link to go to login area (next step).

There are two alternative ways to activate your account:
a) Copying the link (from “http..” until the last hexadecimal character (in the example finishing in “FEE6”) and pasting in your browser; or

b) Acessing the SWGE Platform star page ( and clicking in the [+] Account Activation Form and typing (or pasting) the activation code (in the example, from “4D58” until “FEE6”.

If the account was already activated you will se the message

Click the HOME link to go to login area (next step).

In [+] LOGIN FORM, fill in your registered E-MAIL and PASSWORD and click the LOGIN BUTTON.

If it’s your FIRST login, you will be redirected to the PROFILE UPDATE area. Please fill in the requested data and click the UPDATE PROFILE button.

You will receive a confirmation box and will be redirected to HOME area.

When you log in again in SWGE, you will be redirected to this page.

In your Home area, you will find the [+] Submit a New Abstract link.

Click the [+] to open the submission form.

Fill in the TITLE, select the NUMBER of authors (including you) and then fill in the NAME, INSTITUTION / COMPANY, E-MAIL and COUNTRY for each author, check the PRESENTING author, select the NUMBER of keywords and fill in the KEWYORDS, upload the PDF file and the compressed package file (ZIP, RAR, etc) with the tex and other files (if exists), select the PREFERRED FORM OF PRESENTATION, check the CONFIRMATION box and click the SEND ABSTRACT button.

If any field is incorrect, you will receive a box indicating the incorrect fields. Please check and fix them.


If works, you will receive a confirmation box and an e-mail with a confirmation message.

You also can check the submitted abstract in the MY ABSTRACTS area


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